Trust Texas Bank

ACH Origination Application

If you do not understand any part of the following information, an employee at any branch or at Customer Service will be happy to assist you. Phone calls may be monitored or recorded for quality control purposes. Customer Service phone numbers are as follows: 1-800-342-0679 and 1-361-275-2345.

Required Field

Company Information

Do you offer products and services outside the United States?

Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years?

Does your company currrently use our Business Internet Banking system?

Does your company currently use our Merchant Deposit services?

Employee Information

Do you perform background checks on new employees?

Is a photo ID required for employment?

Are photo IDs worn in the workplace?

Primary Applicant

Enter the name of the person authorized to agree to the contract later in the application.


Primary User

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Account and ACH File Transfer Information

To open an account contact your nearest TrustTexas Bank branch location.

Please estimate the following information

What type of files will you be processing?

What type of software will you be using?

IT Information

Do you have wireless Internet access?

Is it a secured wireless connection?

What operating systems do you use on computers connected to the scanners?

Do you keep updated antivirus software on your computers?

Do all computers use a firewall?

Do you perform IT audits?

If yes, please supply financial institution with a copy of latest audit.

Do you have IT staff onsite?

Do you offer VPN or remote access for staff?


Token User

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