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To transfer balances to your TAPCO Visa Credit Card, please complete and submit the form below.

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By clicking the "I Accept" box, the cardholder(s) authorize TAPCO Credit Union to pay the designated amount towards the balance of the above listed credit account(s) by means of a Cash Advance charged to the cardholder(s) TAPCO Visa Credit Card. Cash Advances accrue finance charges from the date the transfer is posted to the account and do not earn Rewards points. See your Account Opening Disclosure for more details regarding your standard Balance Transfer APR. The cardholder(s) understand that the Balance Transfer will take approximately two weeks. Maximum total amount limited to the cardholder(s) approved credit line. TAPCO is not responsible for closing the cardholder(s) accounts, and the cardholder(s) should continue to pay those accounts accordingly. TAPCO is not responsible for late payments on the transferred accounts. The cardholder(s) agree(s) that all information is accurate. Check the "I Accept" box to indicate that you (the cardholder(s)) have read this disclosure and accept its terms.