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To sign up for eStatements you must be an owner of the Penn Security Bank account(s) you have chosen for eStatement delivery.

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  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher

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eStatement Disclosure Agreement
This Agreement is the contract, which covers your and our rights, and responsibilities concerning Penn Security Bank & Trust’s eStatement services offered to you. The words "we," "us," and "our" mean Penn Security Bank & Trust. The word "account" means any one or more accounts you have with Penn Security Bank & Trust.

By agreeing to the following you are authorizing Penn Security Bank & Trust to deliver statements of your Penn Security Bank & Trust account(s) by electronic means. You understand and agree that by requesting electronic delivery, you WILL NOT receive statements in paper form delivered by regular United States Postal Service mail. You agree that electronic delivery will satisfy Penn Security Bank & Trust’s requirement to provide you a periodic statement of your account(s) activity.


  1. You have a right to receive this disclosure in paper form. To receive a paper disclosure you can print the disclosure from your computer or please contact us by telephone or mail as shown below.
  2. The consent you are providing is for electronic delivery of your periodic Penn Security Bank & Trust account statements, disclosures and Penn Security Bank &Trust marketing.
  3. You have the right, at any time, to withdraw this consent for electronic delivery of your account statements and again receive them by mail. You may withdraw your consent and change your account delivery method by contacting the bank at the phone number below or in writing via US mail.
    Address:   PENN SECURITY BANK & TRUST                                  Phone:   1-800-327-0394
                      DEPOSIT OPERATIONS
                      150 N. WASHINGTON AVENUE
                      SCRANTON, PA  18503
  4. It is your responsibility to notify Penn Security Bank & Trust in writing or by phone any time you should have a change in your e-mail address, or if you wish to remove any account from electronic delivery. For your protection and for security purposes, the Bank will not accept any change of email address via email.
  5. Penn Security Bank & Trust advises that you save or print a copy of your statement for your records. Requests for copies of older statements will incur a fee for the service.

Request and Agreement for Electronic Delivery of Statements
This is a request to have the statements of your account(s) with Penn Security Bank & Trust delivered to you electronically in accordance with the above consent.

  1. Statement notifications can be sent to only two e-mail addresses. For example, the notification can go to both account holders on a joint account.
  2. The bank shall have no obligation or liability to notify any other parties to a multiple party account if the email address is changed using the procedure set forth above.
  3. You agree to protect the confidentiality of your account, account number, usernames and passwords. You agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that the electronic statements are not intercepted or viewed by others and for ensuring that you have logged out when your session is complete to prevent unauthorized access. It is your responsibility to contact us if you know or suspect unauthorized use of your User ID and Password.
  4. You agree that the bank has no control as to the persons who have access to your personal computer and your password once it is in your possession. The bank will not be liable for any unauthorized access to your personal computer or your passwords.
  5. Penn Security Bank & Trust has the right to terminate its obligation to provide eStatements service to you upon ten days of prior written notice (e-mail acceptable).

Error Resolution – You agree to promptly examine your statement and notify us immediately of any errors. Any time limitations in regards to error resolution begin at the time the email with the eStatement is sent.
Change in Terms – It may be necessary from time to time to change the terms or conditions regarding your statement access. In the event such a change is necessary we will notify you via electronic mail or by written notification.
Virus Protection – Penn Security Bank & Trust is not responsible for any electronic virus or viruses that a Customer may encounter. Penn Security Bank & Trust suggests that the Customer routinely scan the Customer's PC(s) using a virus protection product. An undetected virus may corrupt and destroy the Customer’s programs, files and hardware.

Please print this disclosure for your records. 

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