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Bank-by-Phone Funds Transfer Authorization

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AUTHORIZATION: By submitting this Authorization, you authorize Metro Bank (hereinafter called "the Bank") to transfer funds back and forth between the accounts identified below, utilizing the Bank's Audio Response System and/or the Bank's Centralized Customer Service Center, in accordance with the provisions of this Authorization. In order for this Authorization to be effective, it must be submitted by a duly authorized representative of each of the entities listed. Each authorized representative, can cause the transfers to be made on behalf of the entity he or she represents.

PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: You will have a PIN which you will use to initiate transfers on behalf of the accounts identified below. You agree to take all reasonable precautions to assure that no one else learns your PIN.

AUTHORIZATION: By submitting this Authorization, you authorize Metro Bank (hereinafter referred to as "Bank") to transfer funds to and from the accounts listed below, in accordance with the terms of this Authorization. You direct the Bank to honor a telephone transfer request, between the accounts identified below. You agree that you will not hold the Bank liable for any transfer made upon such a request. You agree to notify the Bank in writing if any changes in ownership of the accounts listed below.

Account Number:
   CK/MM  SV  PL  LC  RL 
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   CK/MM  SV  PL  LC  RL 
Account Number:
   CK/MM  SV  PL  LC  RL 
Account Number:
   CK/MM  SV  PL  LC  RL 

NOTE: For Money Market and Savings Account, telephone transfers are included in the limit of six preauthorized transfers per statement cycle, as prescribed by Regulation D.

You can direct the Bank to make a transfer by calling (Bank By Phone), 1-800-937-2003. Telephone instructions to make transfers cannot be altered or canceled after they are given. Transfers performed on a business day will be posted to your bank account as of that business day. Transfers performed after 6:00 p.m. on a business day or a Saturday, Sunday or Federal Holiday will be posted to your account the next business day.

There is no minimum amount of funds required for a telephone transfer.

HONORING OF TRANSFERS: The Bank in its sole discretion may refuse to honor any telephone transfer and will incur no liability to you or anyone else that results from the refusal. The Bank will make a reasonable effort to notify you if it does not honor one of your telephone transfer requests.

I understand that it is my responsibility to have sufficient funds available in my account on the transfer date(s) in order for you to make the automatic payment(s). I acknowledge that if sufficient funds are not available in my account to cover the amount of the transfer(s), the automatic payment(s) may not be made. I further acknowledge that the Financial Institution will not be liable for any charges, including but not limited to, any charges related to items returned because of insufficient funds, or for any late charges or additional interest if this authorization is for automatic loan payment(s).

REGULATIONS: This Authorization will be subject to all laws, regulations and rules of the United States and the State/Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to any changes in them that may in the future become effective. The Bank's rules and regulations for the accounts subject to transfer request, together with any changes in the rules and regulations that may in the future become effective, also apply. These include the provisions of Regulation E which govern electronic funds transfers and Regulation D, which governs transfer limitations for some types of accounts, and the possible requirements for a notice of withdrawal regarding money market and savings accounts.

SECURITY: The Bank reserves the right to take any security measures that it believes are necessary (such as recording your telephone transfer requests) without further notice to you.

AGREEMENT: By submitting this Authorization, you agree to all the terms of the Authorization. You also acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Authorization, the Regulation E disclosure and a schedule of service charges imposed by the Bank.

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