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eFinancial Bank requires both a Financial Statement (which can be submitted online) and your company's previous year's Tax Return in order to approve your Leasing Application. Please check the following:

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How will your tax return be delivered?

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The undersigned on behalf of the business, and each individual listed hereof authorize eFinancial Bank to receive from, and give to, the undersigned on behalf of the business' or individual's accounts or credit experience; and the undersigned authorizes any party listed hereon, to release to eFinancial Bank, information about the business' or individual's accounts or credit experience. This shall be authorization for all present and future disclosures of account information and credit experience on the business and individuals listed hereon made by eFinancial Bank, or any party requested to release such information to eFinancial Bank.

I certify that all information provided by me herein, including attachment(s) is true, correct and complete. I authorize Bank Name to make whatever inquiries about me you deem necessary and appropriate for the purpose of evaluating my credit, including obtaining credit reports and contacting my employer. I also authorize Bank Name to provide credit information about its credit experience with me to other creditors and credit reporting agencies. I authorize the Bank to obtain address information from the Department of Motor Vehicles and waive the address confidentiality requirements of the State Vehicle Code. I agree to provide any further information the Bank might require to process my application.