Business Express Loan Application

Guarantors (All owners with greater than 25% ownership)

Are there any law suits, judgments or tax liens against the Applicant or any of the above principals, or has the Applicant or any of the above principals ever declared bankruptcy?

Equipment being purchased / Refinanced / (repeat for each loan as needed)

This is a secure form. Addresses will be changed based on accounts with corresponding SSN or Tax ID. Please allow 2-3 business days for completion of your request.

The undersigned certify(ies) that the pages herein and any schedules attached hereto (the “Information”) have been carefully read by the undersigned, and the Information included is true and correct. The undersigned give(s) the Information for the purposes of obtaining credit and authorize(s) First Federal to investigate his or her credit through any credit bureau or by any other reasonable means, including contracting creditors listed on these pages.

I/we acknowledge that all loan commitments must be in writing, and nothing that has been, or may be, stated orally shall be construed as a commitment.