Mobile Deposit Application

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I am an online banking user, and have the First Mobile app downloaded.
I have been a customer of First Bankers Trust Company for at least 60 days.
I make regular deposits to my account that average $500.00 a month.
My account(s) with First Bankers Trust Company are in good standing and do not have overdraft history.
I am at least 18 years of age.

There is a per deposit limit of $2,500.00 and a total daily deposit limit of $5,000.00. The check must be endorsed with your signature then below the signature add the verbiage, "For Mobile Deposit Only, First Bankers Trust Company, date of deposit".

Example of the required signature and endorsement:
John Doe
For Mobile Deposit Only
First Bankers Trust Company
Date of Deposit


I understand that I must qualify for this product by meeting the requirements listed above. I also understand the required limits and endorsements to use mobile deposit with First Bankers Trust Company. If at any time I fail to meet the requirements or my deposit exceeds the limits, the bank has the right to reject my deposits.

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