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Stop Payment Request Revocation Letter:

Recurring Electronic ACH Debit

To honor your recurring stop payment request, FCB Banks requires a Revocation Letter within 14 calendar days of the date the recurring electronic ACH stop payment was placed. If the Revocation Letter isn’t provided to FCB Banks, then the electronic ACH entry will only be returned as stop payment one time.

Completing the Revocation verification form below will meet these requirements.
I have revoked or will be revoking my authorization to the debiting party listed below to discontinue electronically debiting my account. All future electronic ACH payments to the debiting party in the amount(s) listed below should be returned as Stop Payment.
* Debiting Party:
* Amount: $  
Date Revoked:
   *Method used to revoke Authorization:

I understand that this stop payment request will remain in effect until I notify FCB Banks in writing to release the stop payment.

* Customer’s Name:
* Checking Account Number:
* Today’s Date:
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