Merchant Deposit Application

Merchant Deposit Service

Merchant Deposit Service utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. With it, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to United Community Bank, anytime day or night. It’s the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash.

Merchant Deposit Service is provided to qualifying businesses that have an established account with United Community Bank. This online application is used to assist us in gathering information to qualify your business for this service. You will also be asked to furnish additional information regarding your company’s finances. If you do not understand any part of the following information, an eBanking Representative will be happy to assist you. Please contact us during normal business hours at 866-505-3736.

Company Information

Do you offer products and services outside the United States?

Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years?

Does your company currently use our Business Online Banking system?

Does your company currently use our online ACH?

Primary Applicant

Enter the name of the person authorized to agree to the contract later in the application.

Multiple Locations

Enter information about each location that will be using United Community Bank's Merchant Source Capture.

* The bank may utilize your financial soundness, length of current banking relationship, and volume of current return items to determine eligibility for this product.


The Primary Contact information is required. All other contacts are optional and will be filled in with the Primary Contact information if none are provided.

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Additional User

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Account & Deposit Information

If you would like use a different account as your billing account, please indicate here:

Please estimate the following "average" information. This will assist us in determining your needs.

Deposit Days (Check for "yes")

Pricing Options

United Community Bank Offers two scanning options depending on your needs. Option 1 is a single check feed scanner that is perfect for smaller volume deposits. Option 2 includes a multi item feed scanner for larger volume depositors.

Scanner Pricing

Option 1
Single Feed Scanner
Scanner Fee = $350.00
Option 2
Multi Feed Scanner
Scanner Fee = $600.00

Other Fees

Monthly Fee $29.99
Per item Fee $.08
Initial Setup Fee $65

Training Options

Initial Onsite Training Free
Ongoing Telephone Support Free
Additional Onsite Training
(After 90 Days from implementation)
$35 Per Visit