Business Online Banking Enrollment and Additional Business Services Request

Business Internet Banking Enrollment and Additional Services Request

To ensure that your business information is protected, we will review the information below with our records and contact you with any questions. Please complete the information below to enroll in Business Online Banking and sign up for additional services offered to our Business Clients. Once your request has been processed, you will receive instructions to access Business Online Banking and any additional information regarding our Business Services.

Business Information

Business Account Owner or Authorized Signer Information

User Information

Complete the User Information below. If you would like the user to have access to Mobile Deposit via our Mobile App or Free Business Billpay Service, check appropriate box.


*Required for Password Resets

Add Another User

More than 8 users: Please submit an additional enrollment request.

Account Information & User Access


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More than 9 accounts: Please submit an additional enrollment request.

Definition of User Access Levels:
Full Access - Allows full access on this account (view, transfers in, transfers out)
No Access – Unable to view account information


To setup transfer capability between your accounts enter the account numbers below, which users can access them and a reference name for the transfer (optional). In addition, if you would like employees to have access to Transfer, but, would like to have a secondary approval before the transfers are complete, please contact our Electronic Banking Department at 866.505.3736.


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Additional Business Services

If you are unable to view the code, download a FREE version of Adobe here.

Business Services Questionnaire

The following questions help us to determine your need for additional services. Based on your answers, we will contact you to provide more information.

1. We offer Wire Transfer Services at a discounted rate via Business Online. Are you interested in this service?

2. We offer the ability to process electronic/ACH transactions such as payroll credits or payments via Business Online. Are you interested in this service?

3. Would you be interested in learning more about Merchant Deposit Services, you have the ability to scan multi-check deposits from your office?

4. We offer Positive Pay, a powerful fraud prevention tool used by business customers to protect against check fraud. Positive Pay allows you to submit check issuing information that will be used to verify each check that attempts to clear your account. Would you be interested in learning more about this product?

Acknowledgement and Acceptance

Please Note:

  • You must be an ACCOUNT OWNER or AUTHORIZED SIGNER on each of the accounts listed above.
  • All customer information listed above will be verified / validated against the records of United Community Bank.
  • All Accounts, Users, and corresponding User Access will be granted as shown above.

By selecting Electronic Statements; I certify I have read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions as outlined in the United Community Bank e-Document Agreement and Disclosure.

I acknowledge receipt of and accept the terms of the United Community Bank Business Internet Banking Service Agreement and Disclosure. It is resolved that United Community Bank is authorized to grant the persons listed above access as users of United Community Bank's Business Internet Banking on behalf of the company, per a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the Company. I certify that I am the owner or authorized signer/representative for the Company, and as such, I am authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of the Company. I agree that confidentiality of a User ID and Password is the responsibility of the each user. I agree to promptly review the account activity and notify United Community Bank of any errors. Users with "Supervisor" rights are responsible for monitoring and administering the access of other Users. United Community Bank is not liable for errors that may result from failure of the "Supervisor" to properly administer the accounts and/or properly control their password. I agree to receive important regulatory information via an electronic medium, which can be printed or downloaded for future reference. I understand that United Community Bank will verify the information provided in this request against the records of the Bank. Any information on this request that is not correct, per the records of United Community Bank, will cause this enrollment request to be rejected by the Bank. If I need assistance, I may contact United Community Bank at 866-505-3736.

By clicking "I Accept", I certify all information provided is accurate, I agree to all terms and conditions outlined and referenced herein, and authorize United Community Bank to process my request as stated above.